Lorna Jane Mitchell

Lorna Jane Mitchell


GitHub as a Landing Page


Lorna is based in Yorkshire, UK; she is a Developer Advocate with Nexmo as well as a published author and experienced conference speaker. She brings her technical expertise on a range of topics to audiences all over the world with her writing and speaking engagements, always delivered with a very practical slant.

Talk description

You can write the best, most structured documentation in the world - and your users will still arrive by some other route. This session focuses on the GitHub repos that your documentation references, and how to prepare for these to be the entry point for someone.

Having a good README file in every GitHub project is a key ingredient of good developer experience, but what makes a good README? This session looks at the various types of projects you might want to create a README for, and offers examples of good README practice in each case. Making sure the purpose and status of the project is key, and directing users to your (beautiful and actively maintained) main documentation is definitely part of the deal. But we can do more to engage and inform developers that reach our projects this way, and this session will show you how. Recommended for everyone who wants to make the projects we create a welcoming place for users, however they find us.

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