At Rubrik we have been developing SDKs to supplement our APIs for over 3 years and during this process we have been making sure our SDKs provide a seamless experience for end-users to consume. When breaking API changes occur during the development of our product.

The key takeaways of this session are:

* How to strategize SDK development against an ever-changing API
* Securely open-source your SDK development process

## Hello Roxie, what is the status of my cluster?
Roxie, Rubrik's mascot for open-source development, Roxie also featured as a voice-driven chat bot. We have used the AWS Lex ChatBot, and we constructed API calls to Rubrik, built AWS Lambda functions and put it all together.

In this session we will dive into the design of this ChatBot and how we integrated this into our Rubrik API, and we look at how we can leverage the power of serverless functions to access our API-stack.