14:45-15:15 / Anthony Sansone: Documenting a Closed System

To document an API involves a great deal of testing: validating requests and reviewing responses. Seems simple: run code that makes requests of your always on web service. That works well with an always on service like GitHub, Stripe, or Twilio. What if you have an application that you need to install, configure, and populate before you can test or document?

We have a variety of database management tools, from the always on to the only on premises. They all presented difficulties in testing and documentation as not every feature -- from deployed hosts to a backlog of executed backup snapshots -- was accessible when tutorials were due. At MongoDB, we had to develop the means to test consistently without excessive outlays of funds or time.

In his session, Tony will show you the methods MongoDB uses to enable their teams to test, validate, and document its API. If you work on a closed or partially enabled system, then this session should provide new ideas to solves these problems.