The OpenAPI Specification (or OAS, also formerly known as Swagger) provides a powerful foundation for connecting API source code, SDKs, and documentation around a single source of truth. With the right tools, docs can be synced automatically with changes in source code, but finding and choosing those tools can be an overwhelming task. I’ll share how our team navigated the landscape, and present the tools we selected, or developed, as a result.

While there are a number of fine proprietary tools for managing an OpenAPI spec and generating documentation from it, our team sought the portability and flexibility of an open source solution. I’ll explain our initial state, using the standard Swagger UI implementation, and outline how we evaluated our options for a new documentation generator. I’ll also describe our challenges in finding a content management tool for editing the spec source file, and share the solution we developed in response.

This session is recommended for writers and API engineers looking for ways to connect their work in a way that allows all parties to contribute to great API documentation while working in tools where they feel comfortable.