To use most API specification tools, it seems like you need to start from nothing. Sure, it would generate beautiful code and stunning documentation. That’s the benefit. What about the cost? What if you have already sunk hundreds of hours and thousands of lines of code to create almost 200 endpoints? Should all that work go to waste? At MongoDB, we established that we needed to update both our API and API specification. We found a way to do both, in parallel, and with no hiccups.

We had spent the time researching to see that automating our API specification made sense. This research supported the theory that automation would work. It decoupled content from design. It simplified managing the content. It opened up more possibilities to improve the developer experience. At MongoDB, we completed our proof of concept and we can share our learnings.

In his session, Tony will teach you how to create an API specification from an existing API codebase. If you are an experienced technical writer looking to make this change or are just interested in hearing more about OpenAPI, this session is definitely for you.