We often talk about writing the docs, but not about what needs to be done when the docs are written, and the medium and the way of interacting with the users of the documentation change.

This talk addresses the issue of reworking and migrating the existing documentation and reflects the process of:

  • Making the decision of moving the documentation from GitHub to the company’s own documentation server,
  • Researching the references and actually building the doc server,
  • Re-arranging and re-editing the documentation to fit the demands and specifics of the new medium.

This is a practical talk with a healthy dose of humour thrown in. It will be beneficial to Tech Writers of any level of experience. It will provide takeaways on more efficient ways to deal with the existing GitHub Wiki documentation, migrating between several types of markdown formats of the content, and synchronizing between the open source docs and the proprietary docs during the transitional stages.