In this talk we will explain the importance of a clear information architecture, and how developers can have trouble navigating sales territories and APIs that are organised by business units. I will walk you through our ‘API finder’ and how this simplifies access to the right documentation, and the process we used to define it.

We will also show you a new tool we’re building in-house that allows to display the API documentation, reference and a sandbox all in one page so that developers can access all the information they need on one screen, speeding up the integration process. We will explain how this tool has influenced the way we work as an API content team in collaboration with our internal development teams. Finally, we will present the ‘devbot’ functionality that uses natural language processing to help developers solve their problems while integrating.

We’ll talk about the technology we are using which includes a GitHub-Angular based Hub, Markdown, our own bespoke JSON specification from the code and Jive Community.