“Connection is why we’re here.” Brene Brown 

"APIs may be the technology, but the reason why we use them is to connect people to people and machines to machines to accomplish meaningful, value-driven goals." Emmelyn Wang

No Developer Portal, Developer Community, or API documentation
Developer Journey 1: Pre-launch stealth mode, technology in R&D, tech docs as a means to support fundraising and business development/partnership efforts
Developer Journey 2: Modern transformation of the Legacy API to a Modern API (growing pains) | Iceberg model, what to expose?, tech writer’s influence in API Design first thinking and information architecture

Existing Developer Portal and Community to Revamp, Outdated API docs
Developer Journey 3: Merger and Acquisition M&A, One organization acquired another, combine similar APIs
Developer Journey 4: Moving the developer community from one platform to another, transforming legacy docs to new formats and matching technology

Healthy Developer Portal, Community, and API Docs at Scale
Developer Journey 5: Developer Community is both local and global, code libraries and docs maintained for each technology, the key for agility and rewarding participation | Engage the open source community