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API Accessibility - Key Concepts driving Developer Adoption


Oliver is a CTO, Software Architect and senior Ruby on Rails Developer. He's an API, Hypermedia and Ruby enthusiast and believes in a future of Plug & Play API's to solve all kinds of problems with software in no time.

Talk description

How do API access methods influence developer adoption? Do they provide a SDK, design a REST (Hypermedia) API, integrate with adapter frameworks? Making those decisions has an underestimated effect on developer adoption. As well, learn about the influence of: authentication methods, output formats, OSS standards, design, documentation, etc.

Lowering entrance barriers to API data is key to drive internal and external innovation. An easily understandable API a.k.a. Developer Experience (DX) drives usage, reduces support costs for providers and developer costs for consumers.

Having co-founded Xapix.io key learnings and statistics from dozens of hackathons and user feedback sessions with both startup and enterprise software developers will be shared.